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Ribbon Fish / Largehead Hairtail / Timah (SC)

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Cooking this highly nutritious eel with black beans, red dates and kombu is perfect for mothers and kids. Naturally sweet and recommendation of no additional seasonings required.

1. These are wild-caught fishes!

2. Price is PER fish.

3. All fishes are clean and gutted, then vacuum-packed to ensure freshness and quality!

4. After the process, the weight and size of our fishes will differ about 15-25%.

5. Special Cuts Packaging - Fish will be portioned to a maximum of 500g/pack.
Eg. 900g of fish will be packed in 2 packs.
Eg. 1.5KG of fish will be packed in 3 packs.
Eg. 2.5KG of fish will be packed in 5 packs.

6. All special cuts are standardized; and all special cut fishes will be sent to you as a whole (along with its fish heads and fish bones).

7. Additional cutting/Special cut of the fish will have additional 10% to 15% of the weight reduced by removing the fins and other wastage.